Eugene Katchalov live tweets his escape from Ukraine

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The former poker pro documented his escape from Kiev to the Hungary border after two days on the road.

The poker community had a very human face for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the weekend as former PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov live tweeted his escape from Kiev.  

Katchalov is of Ukrainian heritage but a US citizen, who moved to Kiev five years ago. He had not been particularly active on Twitter in recent years but decided to document his decision to leave Ukraine with his wife. 

It wasn’t just one way tweeting either, he used to platform to get feedback on how best to plan his route driving across the Ukraine countryside:

The whole thing read like a very scary road movie as Katchalov not only had to contend with the prospect of escaping a war zone but also scarce resources and potential bandits along the way:

Ukrainian men of fighting age (18-60) are not allowed to leave the country but Eugene was on account of his US passport:

It was also a unique insight into what experiencing that much potential danger does to the human body:

Two days after starting his journey he eventually found himself in friendly territory as he made it over the border to Hungary, after previous attempts to get to Slovakia and Poland:

It’s worth brewing a coffee and taking a look at his entire Twitter profile from the last few days, as it is a really interesting perspective on the horrible situation that is unfolding in Ukraine. 

In related news the upcoming European Poker Tour event in Sochi has been rescheduled as a result of the conflict. 

Were you following along with Eugene? Let us know in the comments:

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