More Than 14,000 Players Benefit From Boosted Cashback!

Permainan mingguan Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Bonus mingguan yang lain-lain muncul dilihat dengan terpola lewat berita yang kami sampaikan di web itu, dan juga siap ditanyakan kepada petugas LiveChat pendukung kita yg ada 24 jam On-line guna melayani semua maksud para player. Ayo cepetan daftar, dan menangkan bonus Lotre serta Live Casino On-line terbaik yang hadir di lokasi kita.

The popularity of our Boosted Cashback promotion continues to rise with even more partypoker players benefiting from 10% extra cashback after generating a mere $0.10 in rake.

Boosted Cashback was extended until July 18 and we are delighted to see thousands of you taking full advantage of the 10% extra cashback promotion. Up to July 5, more than 14,000 of you had benefitted from the additional cashback payments. Furthermore, over 12,000 of that impressive total do not usually qualify for cashback payments, which is the equivalent of 2,000 full six-max cash game tables worth of players getting their hands on money they do not ordinarily receive!

Two partypoker players have got their grind on and received more than $1,000 extra from their cash game and fastforward play. More than 250 of you have locked up more than $100, with an additional 560 players padding their bankrolls with at least $50.

How Does Boosted Cashback Work?

Until July 18, you only need to generate 0.1 cashback points, that is the equivalent of $0.10 worth of rake, to qualify for 10% extra cashback on your cash game and fastforward sessions. This additional payment hits your account within 24-hours, so you do not have to wait until the start of a new week to enjoy your extra cash.

Ordinarily, players must earn 25 points in a calendar week to qualify for the first tier, 20%, cashback payment. Boosted Cashback reduces this requirement to a meager 0.1 points, which is easily achievable for all our players, even if you frequent the smallest stakes.

Magic Cards Awards Almost 30,000 Prizes!

We extended our Magic Cards promotion until July 18, alongside the Boosted Cashback promotion. Almost 30,000 prizes, 29,713 to be exact, had been awarded by July 5.

  • 1,142 poker bonuses
  • 6,545 cash prizes
  • 11,014 free bets
  • 11,015 casino free spins

You can receive up to five Magic Cards every day up to and including July 18. Earn a single cashback point to be given the chance to open one of the exciting Magic Cards. Receive another Magic Cards when you generate another cashback point.

Combining Magic Cards with Boosted Cashback will result in tons of value heading your way, especially if your Magic Cards yield some of the bigger, juicier prizes.

Magic Cards Prizes and Probabilities

Prize Probability
$1 free bet 22.00%
$3 free bet 10.00%
$5 free bet 5.00%
5 Casino free spins 25.00%
10 Casino free spins 1-.00%
20 Casino free spins 2.00%
$5 poker bonus 2.00%
$10 poker bonus 2.00%
$1 cash 10.00%
$3 cash 5.00%
$5cash 3.00%
$10 cash 1.50%
$20 cash 1.50%
$50 cash 0.99%
$1,000 cash 0.01%

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