Pokemon Unite Azumarill Guide and Build

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Though initially suspected to be powerful upon release, Azumarill stands as just a decent pick. If placed in a tier list, ranking picks from S all the way down to C, it’d be around a B tier pokemon. It’s mechanic of critical hit guarantees on single target enemies doesn’t scale as well as suspected. In addition, the pokemon lacks mobility, while lacking a real speciality. Nonetheless, every player favors different pokemon for various reasons. Therefore, to help players interested in maining Azumarill, here is a Pokemon Unite Azumarill Guide and Build.

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Best Held Items

These are held items that players should always take on Azumarill. Of course, other methods of play can still yield positive results. But these particular items are mathematically and strategically the best held items for the all-rounder, and are therefore the most versatile for the pokemon’s kit.

Muscle Band

When playing Azumarill, Muscle Band can never steer the player wrong. With practically all attack damage scaling pokemon, Muslce Band scales very well. After all, more attack stats and attack speed realistically only ever helps on these pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Azumarill Guide
Weakness Policy

This item definitely is on the more niche side. Since Azumarill relies on remaining alive and soaking up a decent amount of damage, Weakness Policy stands as a surprisingly effective held item.

Alternative Held Items

The next set of held items still function okay, but aren’t necessarily guaranteed staples for Azumarill. Adjust and alter these according to individual play styles.

Attack Weight

Buddy barrier fits on practically every pokemon in the game. The base health stats and extra shielding grants amazing team fight potential and general scaling.

Energy Amplifier

This item helps unite cooldown recharge rate. And since Azumarill’s unite move recharges quite fast, stacking onto the base passive stacking rate allows the pokemon to spam its ultimiate even more frequently. The additional damage from Energy Amplifier also just helps.

Score Shield

A dunk shield always helps for players who struggle finding opportune times to score. Combo this with the next item for a dunk oriented playstyle.

Attack Weight

Stacking attack stats after each dunk is a strategic way to scale into the game. Azumarill executes on this playstyle relatively effectively. Not as well as someone like Lucario, but decent enough to justify the mention in this guide.

Battle Items

For battle items, take practically any desirable. This is very much a player desired pick. Each battle item holds its own purpose. Since Azumarill is a jack of all traits yet a master of none, just take a battle item that suits individual playstyle over anything else.


Honestly, all the moves function decently. None of them stand out all that much, and none of them combo perfectly well with each other. Azumarill does fit into the label of “All-Rounder” well in that case. Instead of recommending a moveset, here are the pros and cons of each move to help players choose their own preferred move.

Play Rough

This move provides the most mobility out of all of Azumarill’s available moveset. It speeds the pokemon up ever so slighty, then allows it to dash towards an enemy pokemon dealing pretty decent damage. Play Rough works best for players looking to close in the gap and get right into the action.

Water Pulse

As Play Rough’s alternative, this move provides more ranged capabilites. It also dahses Azumarill forward, but not nearly as much as Play Rough. In other words, it won’t push the pokemon right into the enemy’s face.

Aqua Tail

For those similar to Aatrox, this move is pretty much Aatrox’s Q. It enhances three of Azumarill’s basic attacks, dealing area of effect damage. Since Pokemon Unite doesn’t allow players to direct basic attack direction, this requires strong movement and positioning to utilize effectively.


Creates a circle that deals damage around Azumarill. This essentially functions just like Amumu’s W in League of Legends.

Moveset Combos

For real, every move set combo just performs a different functional playstyle. They all work. Just keep in mind, taking Play Rough means the player wants to get in super deep for team fights, while Water Pulse Prioritizes distancing. For Aqua tail vs Whirlpool, they both perform similar functions just have different damage conditions.

In Conclusion

The biggest issue with Azumarill is its slow movement speed. Since it’s not really a tank, the lack of mobility isn’t very excusable. It’s damage is pretty decent, but there are simply better, more efficient damage dealers currently in the game. Though the pick isn’t very strong at the moment, don’t let that deter from playing Azumarill. Hopefully this pokemon unite Azumarill guide helped players understand and play the pokemon.

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