Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Guide

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By following this Pokemon Unite Mamoswine guide, players should be able to further maximize the Pokemon’s capabilities. Mamoswine, the newly released Pokemon, is a powerful defender with ample lock down capabilities. Understanding which items to run, alongside the pros and cons of each move set is essential to utilizing the mammoth-like Pokemon more effectively. Do not consider the mentioned build as the only viable method of play. Treat the guide as a base to aid in understanding, and customize as deemed fit.

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Mamoswine Overview

With powerful moves and insane crowd control, Mamoswine functions best as a utility tank. The new defender is rather intuitive to play, granted built properly. Since the Pokemon’s third auto alongside essentially every one of its abilities provide lock down, keeping an eye on the key targets on the enemy team truly allows the pick to shine.

Battle Item

Eject Button

Taking Eject Button will never steer players wrong. The battle item provides far too much versatile utility to not recommend, and is essentially useful on every Pokemon in Unite. Of course, there are alternatives for this item. Although great, Eject Button is not the only viable battle item on Mamoswine.

Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

Since Eject Button’s cooldown is very high, Full Heal is a fantastic replacement. Mamoswine’s main priority is to reach the key targets on the enemy’s team. By eliminating crowd control on itself, Full Heal greatly increases the Pokemon’s chances of doing so. Though under used, do not sleep on the battle item. For Pokemon with great survivability, the short cooldown alongside active is immensely useful.

Held Items

focus band
Focus Band

As one of the greatest defensive items, Focus Band is a must have on Mamoswine. The item ensures that the mammoth survives during team fights, providing fantastic defensive stats to allow the Pokemon to wreck havoc without worry.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier, as a whole, is one of the greatest items to run. Since the item creates a shield for allies alongside itself, Buddy Barrier guarantees that Mamoswine’s ultimate activates without a cinch. As long as Mamoswine stays alive throughout its ultimate and thereafter, the pokemon can perform its main functions.

score shield
Score Shield

Since Mamoswine’s tackle provides it a dash, the pokemon can abuse Score Shield to dunk on the enemy’s goals and escape thereafter. In addition, the HP stats provided from a well upgrade score shield, alongside the barrier scaling with HP, make for perfect additions to Mamoswine’s base utility as a whole.

Best Moves

Ice Fang

This is undeniably Mamoswine’s best. The ability to fling an enemy in any target direction is insanely beneficial for allies. Target a squishy attacker that has been annoying the rest of the team for easy zone control, functioning essentially as a better version of Machamp’s Submission.

Ice fang’s alternative, Icicle Crash, is not terrible. But the issue with the move is that it relies on having enemies stay within the circle’s radius. That is an opportunity that most players would not easily give up, and since Ice Fang provides direct lock down right off the bat, as of now, it provides more accessible utility. In addition, many circular area of effect moves that slow simply are not very great in Pokemon Unite. Venusaur’s Sledge bomb is just okay, and Crustle’s Stealth Rock is simply lack luster. These moves as a whole rely too heavily on the enemies standing still, something that does not happen do to the fast paced nature of the MOBA.

High Horse Power

Since Mamoswine lacks mobility with its base movement speed, High Horse Power drastically increases the pokemon’s capability to traverse the map. Essentially an upgraded version of its tackle, the move grants Mamoswine a dash that also knocks the enemy back.  By providing extra mobility, Mamoswine positions far more effectively for its key skill: Ice Fang. In addition, Mamoswine’s Unite Move deals damage in a circle around it. this makes the added positional benefit from High Horse Power even more important.

The alternative move, Earthquake, provides more area of effect lock down, but activates after a short delay. This move is completely viable as well, but fits better into team compositions that already have a reliable engage. The speed at which Earthquake activates makes it easier to dodge and predict than High Horse Power.

In Conclusion

This build prioritizes Mamoswine’s survivability, allowing it to perform its crowd control effectively. Keep in mind, there are definitely different methods of playing the new defender. But this build will likely serve players well, creating breathing room to learn the new pokemon alongside maximize the pick’s overall utility in Pokemon Unite.

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