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As a result of a Tweet posted before right now, popular streaming platform Twitch confirmed building improvements to the beloved ‘/me’ chat command on the website.

The /me chat command on Twitch utilized to make users’ messages show up the identical color as their username. The command was usually applied by users in chat for enjoyment and was one of the most well-known chat commands on the platform.

On the other hand, it was also continuously remaining abused by users in several techniques. For instance, people would generally use the command to trick streamers into considering that they experienced received a donation. This has led Twitch to adjust the functionality of the ‘/me’ command “to assist decrease confusion and its possible for abuse.”

Going ahead, the /me command will not be turning the text to match the color of the username but will make it italic alternatively. The colour of the text will be the exact same as a ordinary concept.

A part of the Twitch neighborhood has shown their dissatisfaction more than this change through posts on social media. Several have also claimed that the modify was ‘unnecessary’ and will result in more harm than excellent in terms of readability of the text.

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